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CCTrader Crypto ™ is brought to you by Calamatta Cuschieri Group, Malta’s largest financial services firm that pioneered the local financial industry as early as 1972.

About CCTrader Crypto

CCTrader Crypto™ is built upon an award winning online investment trading platform, CCTrader that supports thousands of instruments available on over 40 international stock exchanges including the US, Canadian, European, Asian and African markets.

The platform provides multiple order terms such as limit, market and stop loss orders with user defined validity periods, full cost analysis prior to execution and real time live market prices.

CCTrader™ also also provides HTML5 charting with over 57 technical analysis tools, price alerts, customised push notifications and more.

Opening an account is 100% Free. No deposit is required.

About Calamatta Cuschieri

Calamatta Cuschieri is the largest financial services group in Malta employing over 160 people and holding over 1.5 billion in Assets Under Management. The company pioneered the Maltese financial services industry in 1972 and its investment arm operates under a Category 3 licence that is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. CCTrading Ltd is a sister company of Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Services. For more information on CC Group you may visit www.cc.com.mt or www.cctrader.com  for more information about Calamatta Cuschieri Group

Compliance and Security

Client’s funds are held separately from the company’s assets at all times and are recognised as client funds.

98% of Crypto Assets are kept in cold storage and recognised as client assets.


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