Security Tips

Strictest Confidentiality

We never ask clients to provide us with username, password or security code.

Do not give your CCTrader login details, telephone numbers or e-mail to anyone.

Do not respond to any e-mail requesting such information.

Received an e-mail message which you believe to be fraudulent:

  • Do not respond to the email
  • Do not click any link included in this email
  • Contact our Helpdesk and Delete the e-mail on confirmation.

You can help to prevent such emails from reaching your mailbox by adopting the following measures.

  • Setup a spam filter in your e-mail inbox
  • Setup phishing site prevention within your Web Browser

Making 100% sure you’re on the right site

CCTrader uses SSL encryption which is identified by the address bar of the site beginning with “https://”

A Calamatta Cuschieri webpage must be located in the following domain ONLY:


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